Thursday, May 3, 2012

The winners of the Shop Hop drawing are

                                  Kari Clark from Lincoln

                                 Barb Saltz from Norfolk

                             Marilyn Martin from Arapahoe

       Each received a 25 dollar gift card to I Love Sewing

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nebraska Shop Hop is here...

Top 10 Reasons to do Nebraska State Shop Hop

  1. Stay at a hotel and you don’t have to make your bed
  2. Spend time with friends
  3. No Cooking, no cleaning, no Laundry!
  4. See parts of Nebraska you haven't seen before
  5. New sewing & quilting ideas
  6. Memory book, photo album
  7. More shops you visit the more your name gets entered into drawings
  8. add to your stash
  9. Use the restaurant guide and write a review
  10. Learn a lot of quotes about quilts  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is here…

Yep, Spring is here…daffodils are showing off and trees are starting to bloom…all before St. Patrick’s Day?   The time change is putting a new bounce to my step.  Now evenings include rakes, walks, and a bicycle helmet.   I know Penny, our dog, is glad for the increased physical activity.

We had our initial “First Look” Club last Saturday at 8:45am.   We previewed new fabrics, patterns, and nifty notions.  Our next meeting is on Saturday April 14 at 8:45am. 
We plan to show some ideas of transferring photos and drawings onto fabric.  We just might pull out our computer!!!  Nebraska State Shop Hop’s theme is “Quotable Quilts”.  There will be plenty of opportunity to try the transfer methods with quotes from the participating quilt shops.

Dee found some old family photos (our great great grandmother and grandfather) and has transferred them onto fabric.  She’s planning a “family album” quilt using about 16 different photos. 

Block of the Month starts on Saturday, April 14 at 9:30am.  This is a fantastic quilt with the Stonehenge fabrics and Marti Michell’s templates.  See our website for more information.

So my immediate goals… raking,  clean out the garage, and walk the dog.  Take Care.  Marcia

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February morning

I awoke this morning with the dread of winter  weather…instead of the predicted snowy, icy mix, the fog burned off early and the sun was making an appearance.  The result…a beautiful February morning and as Penny says a perfect doggy day.  That means a walk at lunch and a little more removal of large snow piles at the end of our driveway.

      Back again…  Penny and I had our noon walk and some snow was shoveled around the mail box.  I looked for early signs of spring but alas, there were no signs to be found. Instead we saw fallen leaves from October, sand and salt on the road, and a lot of puddles for Penny to walk through.  So the groundhog was right.  The good news is spring never left our shop.  Tulips, iris, leaves, and vines fill our fabric bolts.  Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Weddings are already in the works for a lot of quilters and sewists.  And Shop Hop will be here before we know it.  It starts on April 19th.

      Check our class calendar for March and April.   We have scheduled a Begin Sew class for the newbie sewist on Friday, March 2, from 5-9 pm.  We will make a strip pillow.  We are happy to help you understand the workings of your sewing machine.  Begin Sew II is scheduled for Friday, April 5 from 5-9 pm.  This class is for the sewist who can sew but still feels like a beginner.  We will make the Flower Sac Bag by Nellie’s Needle works. 

to sign up for classes call, come see us at our shop or sign up online

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big News

What happened to our wonderful January weather?  Tuesday, mid 60’s, today 30’s and dropping.  
Big news is happening at our quilt store.  We are having a Grand Re-opening January 20 – 22.  We hope you can come.  There will be sales and drawings and a little refreshment.   We love our new addition from ceiling to floor but find there is more walking involved  (becoming more fit is # 3 of my New Year’s Resolutions).  Speaking of resolutions, listed below are my top five:

#5.  Continue to Learn something new.  Yep, one is never too old to learn.  Sewing and quilting provides a great environment for learning and doing!!!
#4.  Enjoy Life more.  There is something to the adage “stop and smell the roses”.  My parents  were firm believers in stepping back and reassessing.  Vacations are important.  Hobbie are important.  Sewing and quilting are important.
#3.  Become more Fit.   It always makes my top five!
#2. Spend more time with family and friends.  Fortunately for me family and friends love to sew.
#1.  Keep God # 1.  Need I say more.

See you soon, Marcia