Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow day part 2

Last week was fun watching the snow accumulate and staying inside. The problem is most of us can’t stay inside… We venture out into the snow with gloves, hat, and boots and walk carefully through messy parking lots. We try to avoid rubbing against our dirty cars and wait patiently for the defrost and heater to kick in. Children are shuttled to school, 8-5 work continues, and groceries are bought. And we mentally count down the weeks until spring...

But there is still something magical about snow. Our dog Penny bounds into the snow and does a perimeter check around the back yard. She comes inside and giving a quick shake and bounds outside again. She burrows her nose in the snow and slowly lifts her head and smiles. She loves the snow. And Abby, the other dog of the household (she’s thirteen years old) doesn’t seem to mind the snow. Sure, it is hard to keep her footing but it feels good to sit down in snow and with arthritic bones. And Abby forces us to go out in the snow to help her in and yes a quick through of a ball of Penny.
Winter will be done and spring ushered in within the next three months. My New Year’s Resolution is to follow my dogs’ leads and appreciate each season for what it is…


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Snow Day!!!

School is cancelled, groceries bought, and Dee and Nancy are busy planning their Snow Day. Nancy plans to Finish Jenny Beyer’s “Australian Outback” and Dee is working on Art Gallery’s Girly Girl “Cotton Candy”. As for me, I plan to complete the piecing of my first Quilts for Valor quilt. I love the “Let Freedom Ring” fabric of Timeless Treasures and their downloadable pattern makes it a perfect project for Accuquilt. I have really enjoyed this project. I know so many families whose loved ones are stationed throughout the world protecting our freedom. Thank you. Andover’s Quilts for Valor fabric is due into our store in April. January class schedule is posted for I Love Sewing. Check our website for dates and times. The T-shirt quilt is beautiful. What a great way to spend a Saturday. The Sunday Runners are deviating from table runners to the shopping tote in the Let’s Do Lunch book. The bag looks great in batiks. Happy New Year!