Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi everyone. Yes, the Huskers (and Dee, Nancy, and I) are off to Dallas for the Big XII Championship game. Mendi and Courtney will be able to help you with any sewing and quilting needs this week. New fabrics are arriving so visit our online store for a preview or better yet, come on in and see and feel the new arrivals.
An update on classes… We had three Begin Sew classes this fall and all of the students completed their strip pillows. Gail and Dee are awesome Teachers!!! New Begin Sew classes will be forming this January. If you know anyone interested in reconnecting with their sewing machine or any non sewists interested in sewing please have them give us a call. That’s our mission.
We have also been busy with Shannon Cuddle Strip Classes, TGIF Sew, and Sunday Runners. TGIF Sew meets the second Friday of the month. Past project s include, Jesse bag, schlep bag, PJ bottoms, Four Corner Aprons, and the Atkinson Design Cash and Carry Purse (with a zipper). The Sunday Runners club meets the fourth Sunday of the month. Ready to Sew projects for the club are from “Let’s Do Lunch” book. Our goal for both TGIF and Sunday Runners is to complete the project at class time. But don’t despair; “Stitchin’ Sundays” (the third Sunday of the month) is an overflow time to finish any incomplete project. We know a non hurried journey is as important as the completed project!!!
Please join us in our classroom this January. Gail is a great teacher. Besides coaching us through the projects, she has a wealth of information and talent she willingly shares with each student!!!
Visit our store December 11-12 for Make and Take. Machines will be set to go to make Jewelry Bags, Pillow Case, and Cuddle Cowl. More information will follow on our web site.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Dee and I are huge Husker fans. It runs in the family with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and children alumni of University of Nebraska. And our love for the Huskers isn’t limited to athletics. Academics rock as far as we are concerned. To stay on top in athletics and academics the university system is constantly evolving, implementing new technology and programs. Nebraskans benefit. University of Nebraska Medical Center is recognized as one of the top educational, research, and patient care centers in the country. Our agricultural, geological, and engineering programs have benefited the world. And of course we are home of the International Quilt Studies Center.

Quilting and sewing are also in constant change. We no longer just sew from Simplicity and McCall’s patterns, pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric and using our “good” fabric shears to carefully cut the fabric. Patterns are packaged in all sizes and shapes and are easily found on the Internet, DVD, TV, and You-Tube. Rotary cutters, rotary rulers, and plastic templates clutter our sewing areas. Remember your first sewing machine with the zig zag stitch and now look at your machine, 700 + stitches computer generated and a stitch regulator. Machine appliqué and embroidery can be done on your sewing machine in a matter of minutes.

Have you checked the notions we carry at I Love Sewing, LLC? Dee looks for notions to increase accuracy and save time. Our newest ruler from Creative Grids is a 3 ½ x 12 inch Quick Trim Ruler with easily readable 1/8 inch and ¼ inch incremental markings. It draws circles up to 22 inches and trims points from half-square triangle and flying geese unit.

We all love our quilts, embroidered towels, crocheted scarves, and knitted blankets our mothers and grandmothers lovingly handmade for us. I know our children and grandchildren will feel the same way about our machine made quilts and embroidery as they share them with their children.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


At the end of September Dee and I ventured to St. George, Utah to go back to school.
Oh, No….Homework, Projects, Exams…can we do it??? Fortunately Superior thread’s Certified School of Threadology focused on creativity, instruction with a lot of fun, and open book exams using a manual, thread, fabric, and sewing machine. We both mastered our projects and received our Doctorate in Threadology.

So what do you learn at a Threadology course??? Never be afraid to adjust your top tension!!!! How many times have we heard the tension is “automatically set” so don’t touch it. Do you really believe your machine knows exactly what fabric you are using? Finally, we let go of this myth after several sewing exercises involving adjusting the top tension. What did we learn?...different tensions for different threads…Metallic’s, Glitters, Razzle Dazzle, 40 weight cottons, 50 weight polys, 12 weight variegated, etc…and variations from the different thread companies…Also, not all Egyptian cottons threads are the same. In fact Egyptian does not necessarily mean the cotton is grown in Egypt. Needle selection affects the outcome of the stitch. Choose the right needle for the thread type. How the tread comes off the spool plays a role in being successful with specialty thread. And we learn so much more…So quiz us when you stop at the store. We really do like thread!!! That’s why we have a spool in our name!


P.S. St. George, Utah is beautiful. It reminded us of Sedona, Arizona. Zion National park is within one hour drive. They have no winter. And best of all it is a town of 80,000 with 8 quilt shops. Lunch breaks included visits to the quilt shops. By the way, Superior Thread is the home of Texture Magic. We had a great time playing with that product.