Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay, I don’t like to dust.  But this morning I looked at the kitchen china closet and seeing excessive dust I found the dust cloth.  I am particularly attracted to teapots in the cabinet and my collection is varied.  I have teapots from favorite vacation spots and teapots given to me as gifts.  I love my Scotland teapot with its national flower, the Thistle.  Can you believe a Thistle, basically outlawed in our farm fields, is the national flower of Scotland!  The artwork is very detailed with each tiny Thistle appearing very wispy.  A teapot set from Germany has an Asian feel to it.  And my Humpty Dumpty teapot and tea cups are perfectly painted in pastel yellow, green, blue, and ivory.  In fact, all of the teapots I collect seem very detailed and precise except for one, painted and glazed by Nancy at a Girl Scout meeting.  My teapot collection is really no different than my favorite fabrics in the store.  I like precision and detail.  I love florals.  And of course, I think baby nursery fabrics are so perfect…But I am attracted to the abstract and free form, similar to my teapot from Nancy.

New Fabrics are arriving into our shop.  Free Spirit Anna Marie Horner’s “Innocent Crush” and Denyse Schmidt’s “Greenfield Hill” are outstanding.  We hope to see you at the Nebraska Shop Hop from March 31-April 10, 2011. 
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It’s Pre-Spring…Dee and I traveled to Minden, Ne last week.  The car trip takes us along the Platte.  The fields were full of Snow Geese, Canadian Geese, and Sandhill Cranes.  The fields were plowed, just waiting for spring planting.  But the calendar says March and so one warm, sunny day leads into a cold, snowy day.  Minden is special to us.  It’s the home of our grandparents and parents and the resting place for most of our family.  Driving around the city square evokes wonderful memories of our childhood.  The building that housed our grandfather's dental office is now a tanning/tattoo salon.  Dress shops, city cafes, five and dime stores, and pharmacies have been replaced with antique shops, fitness spas, and various city/country offices.  The courthouse is still majestic… we must plan a trip next December to see the Christmas lights. 

We slowly drive by our grandparents’ houses.  The houses look the same on the outside.  But decades have past and so the insides are probably very different.  I think it is okay not to go inside and instead hold onto my childhood memories…standing on the kitchen table to have hand-me down dresses pinned and hemmed, playing grandma’s organ, running down the stairs into the basement to play “store”, and sitting around the large dining room table for Sunday dinner with my aunts and uncles and older cousins.  

Dee and I feel very fortunate to have known our Grandmothers into our adult years.  Both of us attribute our love to sewing to our grandmothers.  We never saw them without sewing, knitting, or crocheting projects.  They encouraged us to do whatever we enjoyed. And so we say thank you and we love you.

Join us at I Love Sewing this Friday for TGIF.  We will be using Textured Magic for a fun Tote Bag.  Quilting 101 continues on Saturday.  And Shop Hop is just around the corner. 

2011 Shop Hop Bags
TGIF Tote Texture Magic Bag
Quilting 101
New Fabric: Celia by Benartex